Everything You Need to Know About Hair Rebonding and The Best Tips for Aftercare

There is one dream that is common to a majority of girls and women and that is having silky, shiny and straight hair. That dream doesn’t seem so far-fetched anymore when you have rebonding to your rescue. Rebonding is a chemical treatment that can transform your hair by giving them a whole new life, all in a matter of a few hours.
But just like many good things that are easily available, it comes with some side effects as well. And to keep them at bay, it becomes necessary to take good care of your hair post rebonding.
But wait! Let’s rewind a bit and first understand this hair transforming process.
What is Rebonding?
Each person is blessed with a different hair colour, structure and texture. Your hair may be straight, wavy or curly because of the natural bonds present in it. Rebonding restructures your hair in two simple steps.

First, a relaxant is applied that breaks these natural bonds. Then, a neutraliser is applied (to straightened hair) to fix these bonds again. Finally you are left with hair that is restructured and permanently straightened.

This process may seem simple but because of the generous use of chemicals, it has some side effects as well. The hair may turn dry and weak and hence lead to hair fall overtime. And hence, aftercare is of utmost importance. A common mistake done by most of the females is not giving due attention to their hair as they seem smooth and silky all the time. But if ignored for a long time, it will definately backfire and and turn lifeless and dull.
And now the most important question…

How to take care of Rebonded Hair?


Your hair will look beautiful only if they get their much deserved attention and are well looked after, whether rebonded or not! Here are some tried and tested ways to keep them healthy, nourished and beautiful.


1. Immediate Aftercare

Washing Hair In The First 72 Hours Is A Giant No No!
As it is advised to wash your hair right before rebonding, 3 days is not too long to wait for. Your hair is still settling down so have some patience to reap the best benefits.

Stay Away From Hair Ties / Keep Hair As Straight As Possible

For the first 3 days, it is also best to keep your hair as straight as possible. Consider your hair as a freshly ironed shirt that will get creased if not kept properly. Your hair is in a sensitive stage now so give your hair some time. These initial days are crucial in giving permanency to your rebonding. Till then, avoid tying up your hair or putting them behind your ears too often and sleep with hair at back so they remain straight.
2. Regular Care

Zero Compromise With Hair Products

Once the initial phase has gone by, you can wash them and take care of them as you did with your normal hair. Only, make sure you are using products that are free of sulphates, parabens, silicones and alcohol. Try looking out for products that are organic and have ingredients that suit your hair. Your hair has already dealt with enough chemicals. Hence, give them a wave of relief by using such products. Here’s what all you must use:

1. Use a mild shampoo that is specifically made for chemically treated hair.
2. Using conditioner is a must to lock in the moisture in hair
3. Apply hair mask once in a while to get deep conditioning
4. Applying oil before washing helps moisturise, nourish and strengthen hair from roots
5. A wide-toothed comb is best to comb your rebonded tresses.

No More Heat…No More Chemicals

Your hair is already styled. Don’t get too overwhelmed and go styling them again with a large amount of heat. Avoid using hair dryers, straighteners, curlers, hair colour etc. at least for the next six months. Your super smooth hair can now pull off any hairstyle even without these.

Trim Those Ends
The key here is to trim at least half inch every 4-6 weeks. Doing this is going to nourish your hair and help them uphold a more natural look while keeping them silky and healthy.

Dirty Scalp = Hair Fall
Oily scalp leads to clogged pores which further leads to hair fall. Wash your hair often to maintain a clean scalp and healthy growth of hair. But also make sure not to wash too much as it can lead to dryness and hence dandruff in hair. Washing once in every 2-3 days is sufficient.

Pay Attention To Your Diet

What you put inside your body determines the quality of your hair much more than what products you apply on them from outside. Green vegetables, fruits, nuts and a lot of fluids are great for your hair.

Keep Those Tresses Away From Hot Water

Hot water might seem too tempting but it sucks the life out of your hair. It makes hair dry and rough with repeated use. Use cold water every time you wash your hair to retain their silkiness and smoothness.

Choose the Right Post-Rebonding Care

Post the rebonding session, if the hair is taken good care of, they will look smooth, silky and shiny for a long time. A sad truth is, that the reverse can happen as well! And we are set out on a venture to help you.

We, at Bare Anatomy, believe that hair care is of utmost importance. We understand that every hair type has its own needs and hence, we provide hair products that are customised to meet individual needs, keeping in mind your previous treatments as well. Join us in our mission by using products that are vegan, non-toxic and safe for you as well as the planet. 

So come, let’s pamper your hair together!