Embracing the summery vibes minus any tress stress!

The cold and dreary wintry months have finally given way to the season of ice lollies and comfortable flip flops. ‘Tis the season to dig sand castles and flaunt those bikini bods, but what about your tresses? You may have the fanciest of flowery dresses, the sexiest of physique and the most flattering glow on your face but the Sun shining down hard and strong on your mane does tend to take the sheen away. Isn’t it time we found ways to fix that?! Stay summer ready with a doable yet effective summer hair care routine for saving your tresses from the Sun stress!

Effects of summer sun exposure on your hair and scalp

The greater the amount of time you spend outside, the greater is the perspiration and exposure to dust which exacerbate hair issues like dandruff, split ends, hair fall and frizziness. Summers can be hard on your scalp just like for the rest of your skin. Unprotected exposure to the Sun for long periods can result in the scalp turning dry and even hurts the hair roots. Hair may also get burnt and result in a bleached appearance if you spend a long time outdoors.

Tips to take care of hair during hot summer months

Summer translates into poolside parties, laps in the swimming pool and off course beach sojourns. Bid adieu to swimmers hair, and other dry and damaged mane issues by religiously following the aforementioned essential tips for summer hair care.

Cover up!

Leaving your hair open during the day when you step out for your daily hustle is not advisable. Doing so can result in dry, frizzy, discolored hair. Instead you can swagger up and protect your hair at the same time by wearing a fashionable light colored cotton scarf or use a cap or hat. Tying up your hair in loose buns or plaits can help you stay cool while protecting your hair from the frizz.

Use UV protection

Well, this one is pretty much a no-brainer. Just like you don’t step out in the Sun without applying sunscreen, similarly run a hand containing some of it through your hair and scalp as well to help them stay UV protected.

Stay hydrated

We couldn’t stress on this point enough! Drink plenty of fluids to keep heat stroke at bay and to ensure holistic well being of your organ systems.   

Eat a balanced and healthy diet                 

Gorge on fresh fruits and vegetables to treat your hair and scalp to the nutrition they need. Snack on a handful of almonds whenever hunger pangs strike in between meal times and make avocados, salmon, oysters and eggs your go to food buddies when your hair demands some TLC!           

Protect your tresses from chlorine

No matter how tempting that deliciously cool pool water may seem, refrain from jumping right in without wearing a swimming cap. Alternatively you might consider applying a mild conditioner before slaying those killer laps!

Get hold of a good conditioner

Your hair craves extra moisture and UV protection much like the rest of your body. Bare Anatomy brings to you a range of personalized hair care products that are tailor made to suit your unique hair constitution and hair goals. Try making a switch from OTC hair care goods to ones that are crafted to match your unique vibes and needs.

Limit the number of hair washes

Frequent hair washes strip your hair and scalp of the natural sebum and oils, resulting in a drier and itchier scalp. Surely not something you would want?! Limiting the number of washes to twice or thrice a week would keep your hair worries sorted. Resort to using sulfate free dry shampoos when your hair feels like it could it do with a wash.

Refrain from chemical procedures

Limit the use of hair products, chemical treatments that could result in a domino effect causing greater tress stress.

Consider oil treatment

Treat yourself to some good ‘ol fashioned “champi” with proven benefits. Stock up on the Bare Essentials such as the au natural argan oil that ensures healthier shinier locks or maybe even your regular coconut oil!

That’s a wrap folks. Stay tuned in for more grub on all things hair. Let us know in the comments section about your views and experiences.

Choose the right products for your hair

In addition to all this, you should also use the right hair care. It is imperative to know that every hair is unique, and that selecting a shampoo for hair fall or some other concern is not specific enough for your lovely locks. Opting for Bare Anatomy's customized & clean hair care is definitely about ten steps forward towards uping your hair care game, and not just in the summers. A short hair quiz factors in details like hair type, scalp type, hair bonds, age, location and climate, your hair goals (anti-frizz, voluminize etc), so much so, it also takes into account your preferred color and fragrance. Impressed? There's more! It prints your name on the bottle too so anyone tying to steal some of this hair care knows it's not for their hair type. All the ingredients are plant derived and all the formulations are made in our state-of-the-art in house lab, lead by industry expert scientists. If you're still reading this, I am truly honored, but honestly, go and fill that hair quiz to get your hands on your unique formulation.