Let’s Play Holi... While Protecting Your Hair! 

Raise your hand if the thought of playing Holi makes you worry about your tresses. Welcome to the group! When done right, Holi turns into the most enjoyable festival in our country, yet many of us don’t give in to the pleasure. Why? Because no matter how much we request our dear ones to use herbal colours or to limit the application, there’s always someone in the group who doesn’t go by the rules.The clean-up session after celebrating Holi is hellava challenge and we understand how important it is to be careful with scalp and hair. Hence, we’ve put together a list of essential hair care tips to make your Holi-day easier.


Pre-Holi Hair Care Tips


Don’t give all the attention to your outfit before you start playing Holi, also think about your gorgeous hair. Initially, the Holi colours were extracted from flowers and herbs and they were considered good for the hair and skin. The world isn’t the same anymore. These days, Holi colours are made of industrial dyes and oxidised metals. Your dry scalp can absorb these chemicals in no time.

To prepare your hair for holi, oil it as much as possible. Go for light-weight cold pressed oil like almond, coconut or jojoba. You can also use mustard oil if you wish to. Once you oil your scalp and hair generously, it will create a barrier on your strands and scalp. This layer would cease the colours from penetrating through preventing a stain on scalp or damage of hair. The oil will make sure that whichever colours you use, they just sit on the top layer of the hair.

As practical as it may appear in the movies, letting your hair down isn't the best idea amidst all the colour flying around. So, don’t go by everything you see on the big screen. Braid it and tie it into a bun or plait to keep it away from the harm.

Should you play Holi if you have coloured hair?


Unless you can fully cover your hair from roots to tips, it isn’t a good idea to play Holi with colours that you’re unaware of. You cannot oil your coloured hair for protection because oil will be challenging to remove. You must use regular shampoo on coloured hair but these shampoos aren’t sulphate-free and can strip your colour of hair. If you have the highlights of lighter colour, chances are your colour will change after you’re done playing Holi.

Post-Holi Hair Care Tips


The festivities and colours can get to you even after you have taken all the precautions. There’s also a chance that with all the excitement around you, you forgot the pre-Holi measures for your hair, it’s alright. Happens to the best of us. Hence, this ‘after Holi hair care’ measures will help you protect your hair after all the fun is over. 


● Firstly, wash your hair with regular water to get rid of the extra colour and however harsh might be the grip of colour, do not scrub it hard or use loofah. Be gentle. Being harsh during colour removal can damage the cuticle.


#Baretip: Use a mild SLS-free shampoo to wash off the colour.


● Take your time with the massaging of shampoo using your fingertips on your hair instead of washing it off quickly. 


● Don’t use hot water to get rid of the colour, it will solidify it instead.

● The best way to deal with it is to apply a moisturising natural hair care mask. Make a mixture of yoghurt, egg yolk and vitamin E oil. Apply it on hair and leave it for 30-45 minutes. Then wash it off with a mild shampoo. While the kitchen ingredients will get rid of colours, vitamin E will provide nourishment.


● Do not even think about skipping the conditioner. Your hair will need more nourishment. Apply it as it will help your hair restore the damage. 


● Another home remedy you can try is a mixture of two teaspoons of fenugreek seeds, amla juice, shikakai juice or powder and three cups of water. Boil it and use it to clean your hair along with your shampoo. After this, you can even apply henna to your hair.


There you go. All set to play Holi, fearlessly!