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Vegetarian Supplements

Formulations made with plant derived ingredients

Highly Bio–Available

Ingredients that are easy for the body to utilize

Result Oriented Solutions

Designed to effectively combat specific concerns

Highest Grade Ingredients

Ingredient purity ensured for maximized efficacy of formula

Discover a powerhouse of vital nutrients in your diet

Made with pure and potent ingredients, backed by science, which work on the internal factors of the body, to improve skin and hair health.


Supports Body Functions


Sustains Overall Health

Omega Fatty Acids

Nourishes Hair and Skin


Revitalizes the body


Strengthens Hair and Skin

Dietary Fibres

Helps Digestion

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100% vegetarian beauty supplementsFor stronger, nourished hair

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Rich Chocolate / #5E2D18

Beauty Collagen Builder

Our beauty collagen builder is a 100% vegetarian supplement for healthy, radiant skin. With 10.4 gms of protein per serving and pro-collagen ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Biotin and Vitamin C, it helps replenish the lost collagen of our skin.

Rs. 1,200

15 Sachets | 15 days supply

Biotin Gummies

A delicious hair supplement that provides a healthy and wholesome dose of essential vitamins to the body. Each vitamin plays a unique role in strengthening the hair, and promoting its growth.
  • Improves Hair Growth
  • Re-vitalize Hair Follicles
  • Reduces Hair Fall & Breakage

Rs. 799

60 Gummies | 1 month supply

3-6-9 Omega for Hair

With essential omega fatty acids 3-6-9 derived from pure flaxseed oil, our Hair Omega is designed to soothe a dry and flaky scalp.
  • Reduces Scalp Inflammation and Hair Fall
  • Regenerates Hair Follicles
  • Improves Hair Texture and Elasticity

Rs. 899

60 Capsules | 2 months supply

Ashwagandha for Hair

An adaptogenic blend of herbs like Ashwagandha, Lemon Balm and Magnesium, to manage stress levels and reduce stress-induced hairfall.
  • Reduces Stress-Induced Hair Fall
  • Promotes Healthy Hair Growth
  • Prevents Premature Hair Greying

Rs. 399

60 Capsules | 2 months supply
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Our Standards

Visible Results

Highly bioavailable ingredients for sustainable, noticeable results

Clean Formulations

Free of harmful chemicals and other unhealthy fillers

High Purity Ingredients

ISO certified ingredients ensuring highest quality standards

Vegetarian Supplements

Made with plant based ingredients and extracts

Gelatin Free Capsules

Superior HPMC vegetarian capsules, which are fit for pharmaceutical and food preparations

Cruelty Free

No animal derived ingredients, no animal testing

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