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skin-care regime

This 3-step daily regime will cleanse, hydrate and renew your skin. Your derma certified, clean formula has handpicked ingredients to help you achieve your skin goals.

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  • age group 31-40 years
  • skin type oily
  • skin sensitvity level high
  • hydration level
  • Sun Exposure medium

over 3,450+

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    Facewash, Day cream & Night cream2,250

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    Facewash, Day cream & Night cream2,250

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over 3,450+

product reviews and counting!

Your 3-step Skincare Regime

Step 1

Cleanse + Prepare

Face Wash
Our deep pore cleansing face wash gently unclogs pores while maintaining the pH balance of the skin. Equipped with Advanced Neuro-Cosmetic technology, it gives you a refreshing, cooling effect every time you cleanse your face!

Step 2

Protect + Hydrate

Day Moisturizer
Our fast absorbing, ultra hydrating formula delivers nutrients to the deepest layers of the skin without clogging pores. An airy and light texture gives you the required moisturization with just 1-2 pumps!

Step 3

Repair + Rejuvenate

Night Cream
45 gm
Our rejuvenating night cream has a fast acting formula which locks in moisture, boosts collagen synthesis and brighten skin tone. Enriched with fruit enzymes, it mildly exfoliates without irritating the skin.

Your unique skincare

A multi tasking regime with high performance ingredients, custom made for your unique skin.

Delivered in 7 days. Free Shipping. COD Available

Make it wholesome

Rich Chocolate / #5E2D18

Beauty Collagen Builder

Rs. 1,495   Rs. 1,200

Our convenient collagen supplements are highly bio-available and contain branched amino acids which helps reduce signs of ageing. Just add 1 sachet to your favorite hot or cold drink and sip away!

Firmer, Smoother Skin



of users see visibly tighter,
toned skin

It firms skin for a lifted look and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. This regime is designed to be so moisture-intensive and hydrating that it provides visible results starting a few weeks only

Our Standards

Freshly Made

Individually and freshly formulated once you place your order

Advanced Science

Formulations backed by rigorous research and advanced technology

Smoother and Softer Skin

Effective ingredients to brighten skin tone and improve skin texture

Enhances Glow

Mattifying effect to give you a dewy, smooth skin finish

Formulated for Indian Skin Types

Dermatologically tried and tested for all Indian skin types

Effective High-Grade Ingredients

Made using research backed botanical ingredients

EWG Score

EWG is a not for profit organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment. The EWG rating analyzes and rates individual ingredients according to their toxicity.

  • 1-2: High safety
  • 3-6: Moderate safety
  • 7-10: Low safety

Disclaimer: In case you're suffering from any serious medical skin condition, please consult a dermatologist before use.