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Pre-Shampoo Mask


Pre-Shampoo Mask

Rs. 1,499

200gmThis highly concentrated personalized pre-shampoo mask is used before applying shampoo to your hair to provide an extra boost. A relaxing treatment that is essential for your hair care routine.

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Argan Oil + Aloe Vera Gel
Rs. 2,000

Leave your hair and skin with a burst of hydration with our Aloe Vera Gel. Our luxurious Argan Oil will strengthen hair and add a glow to your skin. The perfect duo to add that sheen and glow!

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Shampoo + Pre-Shampoo Mask
Rs. 2,248

300ml + 200gmA customized combo to deeply nourish and cleanse your hair and scalp. Use the pre-shampoo mask to tame frizz and add a boost of moisture followed by shampoo to cleanse your scalp gently.

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Argan Oil + Shea Butter
Rs. 2,250

Deeply moisturize your hair and skin with our rich Shea Butter. Our luxurious Argan Oil will strengthen hair and add a glow to your skin! The perfect duo to moisturize and nourish!

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Shampoo + Conditioner + Hair Oil
Rs. 2,347

300ml + 300ml + 100ml A nourishing personalized combo for adding essential nutrients to nurture damaged hair. A blend of exotic ingredients that will provide shine, moisture, and revitalization to your hair.

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